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Hello, my name is Lukas and I am a multi Awards Winning Photographer based “sur la Cote Basque”. I cover Weddings in France and the rest of Europe, I was in 2013 named as one of the best Wedding Photographers in France by Fearless Photographers and in 2014 as one of the top 10 wedding photographers by World Elite Photographers.
Being a Photographer has always been more than just a job for me, but a way of life. I get inspiration from my clients and by the close people around me, like my family. Everyone has a story to tell and it’s such an honor to be invited to capture it.

It is such a big decision ensuring you are speaking to the correct photographer.  Ask to meet them, ask to see their previous work.  Understand what equipment they use, how long have they been doing it, what after sales service do they offer.  As in anything in life, cheapest is most definitely not the best.  I will spend time with you to assure you that you have made the correct decision.  Not only am I not afraid to show you my previous work, but I am proud of it and happy to show you. Feel free to ask to speak to my previous clients, as this is the best feedback you can have.
Being a photographer these days does not only mean that you need to take nice photos and I am very aware of it, I pride myself for having been in the Best Business Guide for 2 years on the row. Service is something I take very seriously and I want to provide the best experience possible so you do not only get beautiful photos but you get them in style and attached to quick and efficient service.  I would be delighted to talk to you about your ideas.  No two jobs are ever the same and I look forward to helping you capture the moment.

I will create a complete storytelling account of your wedding day, capturing all the special moments from before the ceremony until late into the evening. I will also create relaxed, stunning & unique portrait pictures of the bride and groom. I take a more modern approach to wedding photography, using multiple off camera flash units whenever I can to create stunning images of not only the bride and groom but their venue and family and friends as well.

Experience in English Weddings

With over 10 years as a photographer in England, I have more knowledge than anyone in the region when it comes to English, Irish or Scottish Weddings. I speak fluently in English and I’m able to assist you with not just the Wedding day but also communication to help you achieve your perfect Wedding. As I have done Weddings for so many English people, I am able to provide you with contact details for you to speak to previous couple and get proper feedback.


Before the Wedding

I personally like to have 3 meetings with my couples before the big day, the first one when we first meet, the second one when  we sign the contract and discuss general details and the last one 2 weeks before to go though each details of the day. We can speak over the phone or Skype  if you’re not able to come here, this way we can have a good conversation about your plans and discuss the best way to capture your day. If you have the chance to come here prior the Wedding, I offer an Engagement session to all my couples so you can go back home with a beautiful collection of photos to show your friends and family where you will be getting married. We have a simple way to transact financially as we can accept payments through our English bank account, so no conversion or transfer fees which is nice.


Our packages

We have a full description of our packages in English with English prices so you know exactly what to expect and there are no bad surprises. We offer packages that can cover a more intimate day to a very long day. All our packages come with a book and the High Resolution photos. We also offer some of the best Wedding Books in Europe to provide you with an astonishing finish to your day, a book that will really enhance your photos for generations to come. Please contact me by phone or email to ask me for a list of my packages.


The Big Day

So there it is, the big day you’ve been planing for so long. I will be with you the all way through and capture endless memories and moments, because the day would have been planed well ahead we will all know exactly what is happening. I will be able to assist you with any language barrier you’re facing so you don’t have to worry about that. French Weddings are planned with much more space between the events (Church, Registry Office, etc…) so the pressure I use to work under in England is not as much present in France, and this is a good think for you as we can take more time but to accomplish an amazing story together.


After the Wedding

We like to tell you ahead that we don’t aim for speed and quantity over quality, we will work as hard as we can to deliver a perfect product and this can take time. Depending on the size of the Weddings, it can take up to 30 days to have your photos ready. The number of photos average between 400 and 700, again this will depends on the actual day. All the photos are professionally retouched to give you a superb finish that look completely natural, please have a look at our portfolio for some example.



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