Nikon 24-70mm Revue (Anglais)


Nikon 24-70mm review by Lukas Gisbert-Mora

Ever since I started photography, the 24-70mm was always the lens I wanted to have in my bag and it did take me a few years to get it due to the high cost and my low earning from photography. The 24-70mm is one of the best zoom lens that Nikon has and its part of this so call trilogy which will be completed with the 14-24mm and the 70-200mm. The 24-70mm is a very good lens that can be use in most circumstances, it cover a wide angle lens 24mm, the highly use focal length of the 35mm and 50mm and 70mm which will give a little compression and less distortion for portraits.  You could in theory cover a full Wedding using this lens alone, would I? Absolutely no and I will cover the reasons in my review later on.

This lens is without a doubt a beast that will get through a lot due to his strong construction. The lens is big, heavy and feels like you’re holding a metal bar when you take it in your hand due to the cold feeling you get from the metal. The lens has a nice and smooth focus ring which makes it a pleasure to use in manual focus. The zoom ring is nice and large but in my opinion it’s too low and close to the body and sometime it can make it a bit tricky to zoom, but nothing to complaint about as you’ll get use to it quickly. The lens wood is also very well made; it’s a very strong plastic with a metal clip which will stick to the lens safely. Once you add the lens wood to the lens, it becomes a monster in size and it can sometime be a little intimidating when you trying to keep a low profile, for example I would love to go out with my family and use my D800 and this lens but the size makes me opt for a small prime instead. Because I rely on the lens wood to protect the front element and not UV filter; I always have the wood on. This shouldn’t really stop anyone buying the lens.

No issues there, it’s fast, accurate and silent. It works very well in low light and the motor will do very well in tracking your subject. And that is pretty much it. There is no much more to say apart that it works perfectly in any situation and that I wouldn’t change anything to the autofocus performance.

What makes today’s zooms more expensive than primes is the complexity it takes from manufacturer to build them, when you get to use an high end lens from any manufacturers you expect the zoom to perform well at all the different focal lengths and apertures. And Nikon has done just that, this lens perform like a good prime at every focal length and is amazingly sharp at all apertures. The colours are very neutral but perfectly saturated and the reproduction of colours is fantastic. I’ve also never had any issues with Chromatic aberration. This lens is so sharp that this will be a main contender in a lot of situations. I have nothing wrong to say about it.

Despite all those amazing things that this lens offers, this is my least used lens, and the reason for that is that I find it not as appealing as a prime with an aperture of f1.4. The only time I pick this lens over a prime is if I am in a situation where different focal lengths are going to be needed in short time, otherwise I will always opt for a prime instead. Now this is the way I personally shoot and it might not be your way. In all farness this lens is amazing and there aren’t many high quality zoom lenses like this out there. This is the kind of lens if well looked after that will last you a life time if not more. With the high resolution of the Nikon D800 (36mp), not that many lenses scored well to be used with this body, but the Nikon 24-70mm was at the top of the chain along with other fantastic lenses. What I’m trying to say here is that this lens is future proof to handle anything.

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