Nikon D7000 review

Nikon D7000 review by Lukas Gisbert Photographie

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Build quality/ergonomic:

Probably not the best I’ve held in my hand but far from the worth, the thing with the D7000 is that it was not build to aim at professionals and the body is only partially made of magnesium which makes it light. Light is good especially when you carry it around all day long but dropping it or bang the camera around could be an issue (handle with care). I don’t think that you’ll find too many issues having it around your neck as long as you don’t have a telephoto lens attached to it.

Nikon D7000 review

Ergonomics of this camera are good and it’s really easy to get a good grip at it. All the buttons are easily accessed and like all Nikon bodies, every important setup can be access from the outside of the camera without needing to get in to the menu. This camera was build for any users and I even give it to my 4 year old son to take a few photos around the house, he has no problem with the weight or pressing the shutter button with his little hand.

Nikon D7000 review

ISO performance:

The camera performs well as long as you stay away from ridiculously high ISO, I’ve used this camera at ISO 1600-3200 and this was probably the highest I wanted to go to. At 3200, I will for sure need to use some noise reduction software as it will look grainy. However, the 16mp sensor helps keep the details and sharpness of the image

D7000 review

Nikon D7000 ISO 1600

Nikon D7000 review

Nikon D7000 ISO 200

Nikon D7000 review

Nikon D7000 ISO 200



Picture quality:

Mmm… I love it, it really shine if you can stay at low ISO; the 16mp gives a clean and crisp image which could be easily compare to higher model. It has an amazing dynamic range which will bring great details is shadows and highlights, much more than the D3s for example. Color depth is also very good and gets a great reproduction of the real world with no over saturated images.

When I use both cameras at Weddings, I normally find my self using this camera for very specific works, the main job for it is capturing details like rings and details but I also use it in the Church for extra reach when I’m not allowed to be near the Bride and Groom during the ceremony; this is unfortunately very common as the priest doesn’t want any one moving around on front of them when they working (Normal).

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D7000 rings

I find that the D7000 expose brighter than the D3s when I use them side to side using them both in Aperture priority, the spot metering which I use a lot uses a larger section of the photo which doesn’t always work and I normally have to be careful in getting a reading from the right place.

The file uploaded to the computer look great, especially the ones taken with care and good light. Using a good lens will help in getting better photos but this body will not let you down.


You can record videos at up to 1080p 24. The auto focus in video mode is awful and after using it a few times, you quickly go back to the manual focus. A big disappointment as this was one of the reason I got this camera.

Once you’ve passed the autofocus point you can than discover a very decent video quality that could be used to do work; this is far from the quality to can get from the D800/D4 but as a good advantage over recent semi-pro bodies that didn’t have the video mode like the D200/D300 and even D700.


Conclusion and final thought:


I have owned the D200, D300, D300s and now the D7000 which are all crop sensors; the D7000 is the lightest and smallest camera but definitely the one that has the most to offer when it comes to image quality and features. This camera really is fantastic for the size and price tag you get it for. This camera will not let you down, what ever the size job

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